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double bed room

carts room

Karts is part of the world heritage and it is part of our Primorska land.

A Karst Story with a description, photos and artifacts that mark the karst will be waiting for you in the room.

Geological phenomena in this area are so characteristic that throughout Europe the term "karst phenomena" has been adopted, and then simply "karst" for all subsequent discoveries of similar territories. When similar phenomena were observed elsewhere in the world, they were described as examples of karst there, and in the past century the name has finally taken root in all professional literature. However, the word “karst” could not be established as an international scientific term because foreign researchers had already used their translations of the word, especially Italians (carso) and Germans (Karst), whose scientific literature has attracted attention all over the world. The science that studies karst is called karstology.

Novi leseni stropovi
Our old family house has been completely renovated, with new windows, doors, ceiling and installations. Each room has a double bed, private small bathroom, toilet, shower, fen, TV, WiFi, refrigerator, water heater + homemade teas and coffee. Fresh linens, towels and natural toiletries are provided in the bathroom upon arrival.
A special experience will be provided by the canopy, which will conjure up romanticism and familiarity. The room has pleasant lights and a evaporator with essential oils if you wish to relax.
Postelja z baldahinom   Posebno vzdušje
Zasebna kopalnica in toaleta
The private bathroom, toilet and shower are brand new. For thorough cleaning we use organic cleaners and we take care of impeccable hygiene.
In the bathroom you will find products made of natural cosmetics that is not tested on animals and does not contain animal ingredients: shower gel, shampoo, hand soap, cleansing milk for the face, tonic, milk for the body. You will also be greeted: fresh towels, paper napkins, cotton swabs and cotton pads.
Naravna kozmetika in pilingi
Leseno obnovljeno stopnišče
In the house we restored the old wooden staircase made by our grandfather and preserves the memory of all the summers spent here, with the fragrant goodies of the old mother and the storytelling of her fairy tales in the evenings.
PiranArt Guesthouse offers you a healthy breakfast and a home dinner. You can select them as an option. The price of breakfast is 6 € and dinner is 10 €. They include home made dishes, home made bread, home made jams and freshly hot dishes. We will arrange a special menu with you and adapt to your wishes.
Pogrinjek v naši kuhinji
Jožica, vodja gostinstva in šef kuhinje

The head of the kitchen and PiranArt Bakery house, mother Jožica, has for many years been the head of the kitchen in one of the oldest inns in Slovenia. Her recipes are tested and include home made ingredients. If you have specific dietary requirements we will adjust the menus for you: gluten-free, lactose-free, no flour... We will take into account your wishes or take you into new culinary waters.

We also plan special 2 and 3 day culinary workshops. Learn to bake home made bread (festive bread, Easter bread) from different types of flour, Slovenian potica, biscuits. You will learn to cook our grandmothers' dishes. For demand please contact us at: info@vacations.si.


Special gifts from our PiranArt Biscuit Shop await you in the room. In our house you can buy many sweet treats, home made cakes, cookies according to the recipe of our grandmothers.
Različne dobrote iz naše piškotarne
Naša psička Lotika

An animal and an Eco-friendly house...

We are animal-friendly and if you have your pet and would like to spend a holiday with him, he is welcome. You will also meet our Lotika, who has just become the mascot of our house, because all the guests are happy, and immensely likes other dogs and get along well with them.
We use organic cleaners, cosmetics that do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals. The food we prepare is also made from domestic, organic ingredients, with known origin, without animal ingredients.It is prepared according to the recipes of our grandmothers, with a wide range of dishes for everyone and taking into account your wishes. 
When you decide and become our guests, we will send you all the more detailed instructions regarding arrival, parking and additional options you will have as our guest or customer.
For more details on what we offer, click on the tab for more.


Magic Piran

Piran is one of the oldest cities in Slovenia. In it you will find a touch of ancientity, but also new creativity, fun, socializing and many events. You will learn about unique architecture and interesting people. The writing is reflected in the many activities you can do when you are holidaying in Piran.


Sečovlje salt fields

Piran is known for the Sečovlje salt pans, where they extract sea salt according to processes that are more than 700 years old. Salt pans are also a natural park, where many species of birds, special plants and other animals reside. It can also be viewed by bicycle or scooter.


Attractions of Piran

In Piran you can find a large number of churches, old buildings, museums, theatre, aquarium... You can get lost in the narrow streets and go exploring its beauty, on foot, because you can't get lost and you don't need any means of transport. Piran has a special energy that pours on all visitors and relaxes them, calms them down and makes them feel good.


Piran as an Artistic inspiration

Many Slovenian artists were inspired in Piran and recorded music video, video, film. It hosts an annual ballet festival, a classical music festival, a painting colony and many entrepreneurs from all over the world.

You can find out more at this link.